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Paul Cesak

Modern Tech
Business Development Manager, Stratasys 3D Printing
Through 8 years of night school, and a full time position as a piping designer and model builder, I received my BS degree in Business and Commerce from The University of Houston with a minor in Refinery Design. 

The onslaught of CAD/CAM and Process Control Automation landed me a beginning Sales position with Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC; )selling the tools (CADCAM) that would revolutionize the Engineering Design Industry. Six months of intensive sales training in Nashua, NH helped me develop a passion for selling high-tech hardware, software, and services. 3D Printing is just the logical next step for 3D CAD. I also own and moderate the “3D Printing” group on LinkedIn and we are now over 8,000 members.

My career has taught me that Customer Loyalty and Service are the only sustainable qualities a company can have. My philosophy has always been...sell yourself first; your company second; and your product will sell itself.

Last, I am a problem solver. Many have said..."If Paul can't fix it...it ain't broke".

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Saturday, October 5

9:15am CDT